Process Diagnosis & Treatment

Founded in 2002, Beijing Huafan Group is a subsidiary of Zhongjin Environment and is a large-scale comprehensive environmental protection company specializing in environmental protection industry investment, environmental protection consulting, environmental protection and engineering design, environmental governance engineering construction and operation management to carry out business throughout the country with more than 20 qualification certificates such as class-A environmental impact assessment, class-A construction industry design and landscape architecture engineering, environmental protection engineering contracting, municipal construction general contracting, environmental supervision monitoring, environmental pollution control facilities operation and so on issued by the state. 

Beijing Huafan Group is a supporting platform for the transformation of Zhongjin Environment from traditional manufacturing to environmental protection industry. The environmental protection project and environmental protection extensive investment of Zhongjin Environment will be implemented and completed by by Beijing Huafan Group.

Engineering design
Environmental Governance

Environmental Governance

Water ecological restoration project of Hangzhou Xixi National Wetland Park Hongyuan Hongfu pool

There are many pools in Xixi Wetland, spreading all over the place, with 40000 square meters of water body restoration area. The water flow is poor, and algae bloom and blue-green algae are easy to occur, which belongs to worse than Grade Ⅴ. After two stages of treatment, the water transparency is more than 2 meters, the growth of underwater plants is good, and the underwater forest is built. The main indexes of water quality are up to or better than standard Ⅱ of surface water environment quality standard.

Environmentally Protective Facility Operation

Operation and management contracting project of Hebei Province Longhua County sewage treatment plant

Hebei Province Longhua County sewage treatment plant is located in the south of Longhua County of Hebei Province, is mainly used for processing of residents’ daily life sewage; covering an area of about 40 acres, this sewage treatment plant was founded in 2009 and formally put into operation in 2010 as a relatively large sewage treatment plant in Longhua County; design daily processing capacity of 20 thousand tons, the effluent water quality: a level of first class standard for “urban sewage treatment plant pollutant discharge standard” (GB18918-2002), hosting operation for 20 years.