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The predecessor of Zhongjin Environment is Nanfang Pump Industry Co., Ltd.. Founded in 1991, Nanfang Pump Industry Co., Ltd. was listed on Shenzhen stock exchange on Dec. 9, 2010 with stock code 300145. At present, Nanfang Pump is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Limited by Zhongjin Environment.

Nanfang Pump Industry is the first company to research and develop stainless steel centrifugal pump with scale production in China. As China’s key hi-tech company of national research and development of various high-end pump products with scale production. Nanfang Pump Industry has 8 holding subsidiaries and now is the largest production base and the drafting unit of industrial standard of stainless steel stamping and welding multiple-stage centrifugal pump and.

Nanfang Pump Industry with a total area of 1200 acres has 18 production factories and branch factories and more than 3900 employees. Annual output has exceeded 600,000 sets with product line range, sales volume and product quality ranking in the first among the same domestic industry.

Green facilities
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