Technical advantage

R&D Capability is not only a foothold of scientific and technological enterprise, but also the core competitiveness with which we remain invincible in the market .

(1) Scientific and technological innovation

At present, a small scale, pilot scale and testing research platform with an area of 2000 has been built, which has the ability of R&D, test and application test for key products in the field of “three high” waste water treatment.

To unite Chinese Academy of Sciences and other higher institutes to carry out the construction of scientific and technological innovation platform. Building a complete scientific and technological innovation system of applied basic research-achievements incubating-achievements popularization. Form an incubator cluster with the company as the main body.

(2) Industry impacts

The major environmental protection technology and equipment support encouraged by the state for state environmental protection special membrane engineering technology center, Jiangsu province environmental protection water treatment (membrane) engineering technology center, China association of environmental protection industry backbone enterprises, undertaking major scientific projects of “short-process waste water treatment technology and complete equipment development and industrialization” in national 863 program and in charge of national science and technology support plan R&D project for many years. As the drafting unit of industrial standard for national stainless steel multiple-stage centrifugal pump, the attached unit of national pump standardization technical committee light multiple-stage centrifugal pump working group and the testing management center of national stamping pump products.

(3) R&D platforms and results

Academician workstation, successively uniting Chinese Academy of Sciences, Zhejiang University, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Nanjing University and other colleges and universities to jointly establish the enterprise technology R&D center, Wuxi municipal solid waste treatment engineering technology research center with more than 200 national invention and utility model patents and 21 types of products through China ecolabelling.